My relationship with coding can be described as a “Love-Hate” relationship. I can’t live without it but also can’t do it for long hours anymore. And that explains why I am not a programmer. I can’t sleep if something is pending. I choose not to be a programmer. But I code

The coding style is old school: I still make flow charts and do a dry run before doing it in real.  

I do code on/off on personal projects more often just to solve the problems I am facing. It could be a python script to fetch the data from Redmine or a macOS App to hide the desktop Icons.

Not everything is in the public domain, of course. However, following a small list:

Tin Robot


A ugly looking Tin robot (because I didn’t spend time in Blender to create an beautiful one) 😛

Working title: Tin Robot


  • Collect all the coins
  • Avoid pointing “things” : Don’t die
  • Don’t get lost
  • Don’t jump deep inside the water
  • Explore: Have fun

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