Silos in organizations are cultured

Initially, soul of silo in any organization was to keep confidential projects confidential. Only selected people mostly top ranked were in a great knowledge of what it is about. It make perfect sense if you are working on something that will change the trajectory of the organization, industry or human life. Such departments worked well and still do. Such as in armed forces. However, Silos in organization ; departments that are supposed to work together primary comes from the human behavior to feel “better”, to feel “superior”.

See, these guys want to have an unfair advantage of being in a position that allow access to such information at first place. Deliberately keep the information to themself is a stepping stone in the creation of a silos that cost large organization a lot more than just money. It cost progress and good people.

Unfortunately, many organization adopt this kind of structure into the system and all together top ranks cultured it. At last it is what it is-a bad company culture.

  • Make your policies and make them available to everyone
  • Communicate with your people and let them communicate down the line.
  • Have periodic announcements such as newsletters