You are watching videos in a wrong way to learn new skills

Videos are tremendous source, they are perfect to follow step by step and get things done. Super effective with respect to speed and accuracy. In old days such training were available and used to called CBTs: Computer based trainings. And before computers were on VHS tapes. So concept existed but not in such abundance and easy to access like YouTube.

Last night I did something that helped to verify my own hypothesis. I downloaded a PDF document about learning PHP: A crash course. It bring back lot of memories from my university days. All night, I used to read, make notes and write code so that next day in computer lab I can verify my ideas into real. This process was slow, tedious and prone to errors but despite off having multiple limitations (and disadvantages in some scenarios) this turns out to be a path that I followed till date. Thinking.

Think before you start doing what you are trying to do, want to learn how to code, do it in your mind. Create a high level structure, create a flow-chart of logic. It makes you a better architecture of solving problems. What to learn how to cook a dish? Read or watch a video but don’t follow as you read or watch.

Conclusion: When we watch a video such as on YouTube or Netflix, it’s been presented to us. We don’t pause and think about what we observe. We don’t make notes while we watch. And in tutorials it’s worse; we try to follow simultaneously in order to get thing “done”. And video after video we end up binge watching. On the other hand binge reading is somehow superficial because your brain start imagining what you are reading, you start thinking. Reading is like feeding to the brain to think. Watching is feeding to brain to think less. Therefore; When you want to lean a new skill: Watch a video, pause, make notes. Don’t try to follow the video. Take your time

Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is the probable reason why so few engage in it.” —Henry Ford

Think and think again.